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Bye Bye Americae (MP3)

Bye Bye Americae (MP3)

With Donald Trump about to face impeachment in the USA. There was never a more apt time to release this song from the forthcoming LP ... 'The Frailty Of Humans' (Released March 2020)


Bye Bye Americae

The folks on Coney Island walk with a shuffling gait, they don't realise they're already too late.They're limping to the queue for corndogs and cotton candy, this is the United States

(Chorus) Singing, bye bye Americae, singing bye bye Americae, oh the President is lying and Disneyland is dying ... singing Bye bye Americae.

He wants the Mexicans to build his precious wall, he don't care for humanity at all. He calls them drug runners, latino gang members, demonise them ... shoot them by the wall

Come on Annie get your gun, we're going to have some fun, at the school, the Church, we'll cruise the interstate. Let's buy another Smith & Wesson, let's teach them all a lesson. Let them pray before they reach heavens gate.

Chorus + singing Bye bye Americae (2)

Well I can't help but see the colourful irony of redneck white supremacy. Torch bearing marchers dreaming of a master race, led by a president with an orange face.

The President's idea of fun is baiting Kim Jong Un, embassies in Jerusalem. The apocalypse is coming and the President is humming, "long live the United States".

Chorus + singing Bye bye Americae (x4)


releases December 21, 2019
Track recorded, mixed and mastered at Kinema Audio, Sherwood, Nottingham.


(c) all rights reserved

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